Alien Invasions and Their Aftermath – An Eyewitness Report from Abductee 43 about The Tarragon Catastrophe.

On the night of April 10, 1989, something extraordinary happened on the outskirts of Tarragon, a small town in rural Australia. A group of locals were heading home after an evening out when they saw what they thought was a UFO hovering in the sky. Little did they know that this sighting would change their lives forever and set off a chain of events that would lead to what has come to be known as The Tarragon Catastrophe.

The Story Begins

According to abductee 43—the most vocal witness to the event—the UFO descended from the sky and began firing beams of light at him and his friends. Then, it suddenly flew away and left them standing there in shock and confusion. After realizing what had just happened, abductee 43 and his friends started running towards home. On their way back, they noticed some strange objects in the sky—objects that looked like satellites but moved with incredible speed. They watched these objects for some time before they heard a loud noise coming from behind them. When they turned around, they were shocked to see that the UFO had returned and was now hovering just above them.

An Unforgettable Encounter

The next few hours were like nothing anyone could ever imagine or expect. According to abductee 43, he and his friends were taken aboard the craft by extraterrestrial beings who spoke an unknown language. These aliens put each one of them into separate chambers where they underwent various tests and experiments before being released unharmed several hours later with no recollection of what had happened inside the craft. All four witnesses reported feeling scared but strangely calm during the abduction experience; it was almost as if time had stopped for them while aboard the alien craft.


The Tarragon Catastrophe is one of those stories that is so unbelievable you can hardly believe it’s true – yet there are four people who experienced it first-hand who can vouch for its authenticity! Although we may never know exactly why these aliens chose Tarragon as their destination that fateful night, we can only hope that this encounter will help us gain better insight into our cosmic neighbors! For those interested in learning more about this mysterious story, you can read abductee 43’s full account here!

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