Mysterious Alien Skull Discovered In India

A mysterious alien skull has been discovered in India, raising questions about extraterrestrial visitations to our planet. The skull in question is an elongated shape, with two large eyes and a small mouth.

It is unlike anything ever seen before on Earth, and it has sparked excitement among UFO enthusiasts and paranormal investigators.

The skull was discovered by a group of hikers in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. They were exploring the area when they noticed something out of the ordinary: a strange-looking skull resting on a rock. Upon closer inspection, they realized it was not like any other human or animal skulls they had seen before – it was distinctly alien-like in appearance.

The hikers took photos of the strange skull and posted them online, which quickly went viral as people around the world speculated about its origin. Some have suggested that the skull could be evidence of ancient aliens visiting our planet thousands of years ago, while others have argued that it’s just another hoax or an elaborate prank.

Whatever the case may be, experts are still divided on this issue, and no one can come to a definitive conclusion regarding the skull’s origin or purpose. The only thing that everyone can agree on is that this find is truly remarkable and deserves further investigation.


The discovery of this mysterious alien skull has left people baffled as to its origin and purpose. While some are convinced it’s proof of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth centuries ago, others remain skeptical until further evidence can prove otherwise.

Regardless of what you believe about UFOs and aliens, this find is definitely worth paying attention to for anyone interested in uncovering the secrets behind our universe.

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