Some tips on spotting UFOs

The following are some tips I’ve come across in my hunt for answers. I hope that these may help you in your search.

1. I have noticed a higher probability in spotting UFOs in the sky during the day when I use a night vision lens. This may sound odd but I have personally noticed more Unidentified objects doing this.

2. Be patient.. This isn’t a field that will give you daily results. Real evidence is rare and hard to come by.

3. Read all you can on the subject. The internet is a double edge sword, however. You can find some amazing information, facts, and evidence but you can find just as many quack jobs. For some reason this field brings out the crazies.

4. Your chances can be increased tremendously by using special cameras in ultraviolet spectrum

5. People do claim to make contact. If you ever do, stay on your toes. We really have no way of telling if they are hostile or friendly. That may sound crazy but I’m speaking in terms of probability. The probability of you making contact is high but if you do… watch your back.

I hope to write more about this later. I could fill pages with a lot of this information but I think it best to put it out there in pieces.