Amphibians: A Closer Look at the Mysterious Aquatic Aliens

In UFOlogy circles, there is a certain kind of alien that has been talked about for decades. These aliens are said to be amphibians, similar to the Saurians or Reptiloids. They are described as hominoid creatures with both reptilian and amphibian-like features and are believed to be semi-aquatic in nature.

Reports of these aliens have been found near swampy regions, rivers, and other aquatic areas across the globe. In some cases, they have even been known to attack people without provocation. Let’s take a closer look at these mysterious aquatic aliens and what we know about them so far.

What Do We Know About Them?

The most common description of these aquatic aliens is that they are humanoid in shape with both reptilian and amphibian-like features. Some reports suggest they may have once lived on land but over time became more accustomed to living in watery environments such as swamps and rivers. In some cases, they have even been reported to have webbed fingers and toes like those of the Draconian race.

Their behavior towards humans is where things get strange. There have been numerous reports of these aquatic aliens attacking people without being provoked, leaving victims with physical injuries or psychological trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While some UFO researchers believe this could be due to fear of human encroachment on their territory, others think it could simply be an act of aggression from a species that doesn’t understand our culture or language.

It is also interesting to note that some types of Greys and Reptiloids are believed to be semi-aquatic as well, suggesting that there may be a connection between these two races of extraterrestrial beings. It is impossible to know for sure whether this connection exists until more research can be done on these mysterious creatures.


Aquatic aliens remain one of the most mysterious aspects of UFOlogy today due to their elusive nature and lack of reliable evidence documenting their existence or behavior towards humans. While many reports exist detailing encounters with amphibious creatures similar in appearance to both Saurians and Reptiloids, much still remains unknown about them including their connection (if any) to Greys and Reptiloids as well as why they might attack humans unprovoked in some cases. As more research is conducted on this fascinating topic, hopefully, we will gain a better understanding someday soon!

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