The Hill Abduction: The First American Alien Abduction? (1961)

On the night of September 19, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill had a chance encounter that would change their lives forever. What started out as a leisurely drive home from Niagara Falls ended with them witnessing a UFO, feeling buzzing vibrations, and experiencing missing time—all of which were classic signs of alien abduction.

This event is now known as the “Hill Abduction” and is considered to be the first widely publicized American case of alien abduction. Could it really have been a close encounter with extraterrestrial life? Let’s take a closer look.

The Hill’s Account of Events

According to Betty and Barney Hill’s account, they were driving home through New Hampshire when they spotted an unusual object in the sky that seemed to follow them for several minutes before eventually descending sharply and hovering just above their car. Frightened by what he saw through the craft’s windows—creatures peering at them—Barney ran back to his car and drove away. As they drove off, the Hills reported feeling buzzing vibrations throughout their bodies before losing consciousness. They awoke 35 miles south with no memory of how they got there.

Investigating the Evidence

In an effort to explain what had happened on that fateful night, Betty underwent hypnosis therapy for several months in order to recover her lost memories. Under hypnosis, she reported being taken aboard the craft by extraterrestrials who examined her body before returning her to Earth unharmed; while under hypnosis, Barney also recalled being taken aboard the craft but did not remember any physical examination taking place.

In 1966, Betty and Barney wrote a book about their experience called “The Interrupted Journey”; since then, their story has become a classic example of alien abduction cases in popular culture.

In investigating this case further, skeptics point out that there are numerous discrepancies between Barney and Betty’s accounts of events as well as inconsistencies in Betty’s hypnotic sessions; for instance, there are several discrepancies between what Betty said under hypnosis versus what she said during her initial police report as well as some discrepancies between her own descriptions versus those written by psychiatrist Benjamin Simon who was conducting her hypnotic sessions at the time.

Additionally, some skeptics believe that alcohol or drugs may have been involved in creating these false memories due to the fact that Barney was known to drink heavily prior to this incident taking place.


Despite all these inconsistencies in both accounts and evidence against it being an alien abduction case, many people still believe that something strange happened on September 19th 1961 involving two ordinary citizens traveling home from Niagara Falls – whether it was aliens or not remains open for debate!

Ultimately only one thing is certain – The Hill Abduction started one of America’s most enduring mysteries!

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