A Look into the Reptilian Entities From the Bootes System (Booteans)

In the depths of space, far beyond our reach, there are entities rumored to exist. Reptilians from the Bootes system and Draconis system have been alleged to be involved with a “Dulce” scenario, as well as attempting to infiltrate, implant and control human society in preparation for a future takeover. Is this just another science fiction fantasy or could there be some truth behind these tales?

Let’s take a look into what is known about reptilian entities from the Bootes and Draconis systems.

The Dulce Base Scenario

The Reptilians from the Bootes and Draconis systems have been linked to an alleged underground military base located near Dulce, New Mexico. This secret government facility has been dubbed “the Dulce Base” by conspiracy theorists who claim that it houses alien technology as well as evidence of experiments on humans by extraterrestrial beings.

While this is all speculation, some believe that reptilian entities from both the Bootes and Draconis systems are somehow connected to this scenario.

Implants and Control

Other rumors suggest that reptilian entities from these two star systems have infiltrated our society in order to implant humans with technology in order to gain control over them. This technology would allow them to manipulate emotions, thoughts, and behavior in order to prepare for their eventual takeover of Earth. Some conspiracy theorists even go so far as to say that these beings are responsible for several major events throughout history such as wars, plagues, mass shootings, etc., in order to cause chaos on our planet.

Conspiracy Theory or Reality?

It is impossible to know if any of these theories are true or not without any physical evidence being presented. However, it does bring up the question of whether or not these reptilian beings actually exist outside of popular culture or if they are just something conjured up by science fiction writers trying to create a thrilling story. For now, we can only speculate but one thing is certain; these stories will continue to captivate us for years to come!


Reptilian entities from the Bootes and Draconis systems remain shrouded in mystery due to their lack of physical evidence available for study. Conspiracy theorists point towards their involvement in a “Dulce” scenario involving an underground base near Dulce New Mexico alongside implants used for controlling humans on Earth in anticipation of an alien invasion at some point in the future (Draconian).

Whether any part of this theory holds water remains unknown but it certainly provides an intriguing possibility when thinking about life existing beyond our planet!

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