The Mysterious Story of the Human Inhabitants of Lyra

Have you ever heard the legend of the human inhabitants of Lyra? It is said that they share a common origin with Terran humanoids and were driven out of their system several thousand years ago. Many reports suggest that some of the present-day inhabitants may be reptiloid, while others say they resemble lions. But what happened to them after they left? Let’s dive into this mysterious story.

The Lyran Wars

According to several ‘contactee’ accounts, during the Lyran wars, a mass exodus of humans reportedly left the system and fled to other locations in space. Some chose to go to the Pleiades, which is about 440 light-years away from Earth in a star cluster in the constellation Taurus; others went to Hyades which is 130 light-years from Earth in the Taurus constellation, and still others escaped to Vega which is also in Lyra.

Aliens Involved in Battle for Control?

This region may still be a ‘battleground’ between saurian greys and humans. Reports allege that certain alien races are involved in a heated battle for control over this area – an ongoing war where both sides fight for power, resources, and technology. Some believe these ancient aliens have been waging battles since long before our own recorded history began.

A Universal War?

Could it be possible that we are all just pawns in an intergalactic game where two powerful forces are locked in a universal war? We can only speculate as little is known about these mysterious aliens or why they want control over this area so badly. What we do know is that this particular part of space holds many secrets yet to be revealed…


The mystery surrounding the human inhabitants of Lyra still remains unsolved. Reports suggest that some people managed to escape from their home system thousands of years ago, but nothing else has been found about their whereabouts or what happened afterward. Could it be possible that this area is caught up in an intergalactic battle between two powerful forces fighting for power and resources?

We may never know, but one thing is certain—the truth behind this legend will remain shrouded until more evidence comes to light!

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