The Pascagoula Abduction – An Unearthly Encounter (1973)

It’s a story that has been passed down the generations, a tale of horror, mystery, and alien activity. On an otherwise ordinary October evening in 1973, two men were fishing off a pier near Pascagoula, Mississippi when they heard a strange whirring sound followed by flashing blue lights.

From the darkness emerged an oval-shaped craft and within its depths emerged three pale creatures about 5 feet tall with carrot-like growths emerging from the nose and ear areas. In place of their hands, they had lobster-like claws. It was an unearthly encounter that would come to be known as the Pascagoula Abduction.

The Men Behind the Encounter

The two brave souls to experience this paranormal activity were Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker – co-workers who decided to spend their evening fishing off the pier near Pascagoula. After hearing the strange whirring sound, both men were paralyzed with fear until one of the creatures motioned for them to come closer.

The duo then found themselves on board the craft where they were subjected to medical examinations before being released unharmed approximately 20 minutes later.

Upon returning home, Hickson and Parker reported their extraordinary encounter to local law enforcement officials who treated them as credible witnesses despite their unbelievable story. A polygraph test administered by local police confirmed that both men answered truthfully when asked about details surrounding their abduction – an astonishing result for such an unusual event!

The Lasting Legacy of Pascagoula

Since their initial encounter in 1973, Hickson and Parker have appeared on numerous television shows recounting their abduction experience – including Larry King Live in 1994 – which only served to strengthen public interest in extraterrestrial phenomena in general. In addition, books have been written about this mysterious incident including “Screams from Space” (1993) by Richard Deyette which examined this incredible case in detail. As a result of this publicity, it is widely believed that some form of communication exists between humans and aliens as demonstrated by this bizarre encounter all those years ago.


Despite attempts by skeptics to discredit these events as mere fantasy or fabrication, there remains no definitive explanation for what happened that fateful evening all those years ago – leaving us with more questions than answers regarding extraterrestrial life outside our planet! For those seeking proof of alien existence beyond our earthly bounds – look no further than this remarkable story!

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