The Pleiadeans & Exploring the Origins of Hyper-Space Travel

Are there other forms of intelligent life out there in the universe? If so, what are their origins and how do they become advanced enough to travel through hyper-space? These questions have been asked for centuries, but with recent advances in astrobiology and astrophysics, we may be getting closer to answers.

This blog post will explore the possibility that some of our current understanding of space travel may be linked to the ancient Pleiadean civilization.

The Pleiadeans were allegedly a blond or brunette ‘Nordic’ type human race based in systems nearby our own. According to some accounts, these humans once lived in the Lyra constellation until a reptilian alien species from Alpha Draconis invaded their home planet

To escape this threat, these survivors fled and colonized other nearby star systems including Taygeta and Erra.

It is believed that the Pleiadeans were the first humanoid society to develop hyper-space travel – a technology that has always been shrouded in mystery and speculation. While it is rumored that the U.S. government was able to access hyperspace since at least the 1940s, it is possible that they had discovered information about it from an extraterrestrial source – namely, from the Pleiadeans themselves.

It has been suggested that their technology surpasses our international technology by as much as 3,000 years – making them capable of mastering complex interstellar navigation systems such as hyper-space travel long before us.

Does the question then become whether these rumors are true or not? Could this ancient civilization really have such advanced capabilities? We don’t know for sure yet, but with more research into astrobiology and astrophysics we may soon find out if there is any truth behind this mysterious story of intergalactic space travel.


We cannot definitively say whether or not the rumors about ancient Pleiadean civilizations having mastered hyperspace travel are true—but it remains an intriguing possibility nonetheless! As more research progresses in fields such as astrobiology and astrophysics, we may soon gain a better understanding of what lies beyond our own solar system and if intergalactic space travel was indeed achieved by the ancient human race thousands of years ago.

For now, however, all we can do is speculate about what mysteries still remain hidden among distant star systems – waiting for us to uncover them one day!

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