The Reticulans – What Lurks Beneath?

The Reticulans, or more commonly known as the Greys, are one of the most famous alien species in our collective consciousness. They are most widely associated with abduction stories and popularized by movies like Alien and The X-Files. But who are they really? What do we know about them?

There is much speculation and debate surrounding their origin, purpose and ultimate goals. Let’s take a closer look at these mysterious beings.

Appearance & Characteristics

The Reticulans are an extraterrestrial race of humanoid aliens that have big black eyes, pale skin and no visible nose or mouth. They stand between 3-4 feet tall and have thin bodies with long arms and legs. Some say they have four fingers on each hand while others claim they have five fingers on each hand with a thumb on either side of their wrists. It is also said that their bodies are covered in a thin layer of grey fur, although this has never been proven to be true.

Their heads are large compared to humans and some believe they do not possess any ears or hair due to their need for space suits when visiting Earth.

Origins & Motives

The origins of the Reticulans remain unknown though there is much speculation about where they might come from and what they want from us here on Earth. Some believe they originated from another planet within our solar system such as Mars or even possibly Venus while others suggest that they come from beyond our solar system altogether. As far as motives go, it is speculated that their main purpose is to study humans in order to obtain knowledge about our species for some unknown reason though it could also be argued that their goal is simply to observe us without necessarily interfering with our lives here on Earth.

There have been many reports over the years of people claiming to have been abducted by aliens, many of whom describe being taken aboard craft flown by Reticulans or Greys as some call them. These accounts vary greatly but all share similar traits such as being examined by strange creatures before being released back into the wild with little recollection of what actually happened during the experience itself, leaving behind only an eerie feeling in its wake.


Whatever your belief may be on whether or not the Reticulans exist, there’s no denying that this alien race has had a huge influence over popular culture throughout history thanks to its popularity in books, television shows and movies alike which keep us enthralled with tales of mysterious activities involving extraterrestrial life forms coming down to visit us here on Earth!

Whether real or imagined, the mysterious nature surrounding these aliens continues to fascinate us all!

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