1. Abductee – A person who claims to have been abducted by aliens.

2. Abduction – The process of being taken away and held against one’s will by alien beings or non-human entities.

3. Grey Alien – An extraterrestrial being with gray skin, large black eyes, thin arms and legs, and an oversized head that is popularly depicted in UFOlogy literature as a common type of abductor.

4. Alienscape – An environment created by UFOs or their occupants for the purpose of transporting humans aboard craft for abduction events.

5. Hypnosis Regression – The act of going back into a person’s memory under hypnosis to uncover details about an abduction experience.

6. Missing Time – Unexplained lapses in memory which may occur during an abduction event, resulting in confusion and disorientation when the abductee attempts to recall what happened during a certain time frame.

7. Screen Memories – False memories implanted by aliens during abductions designed to hide the truth of an abduction from the victim’s conscious mind.

8. Implant – A small device placed inside or on the body of a human by aliens during abductions for tracking and/or surveillance purposes.

9. Controller – An alien being through whom other extraterrestrial entities communicate with humans during abduction experiences; also known as “the leader” or “the commander”.

10. Alien Abduction Syndrome – A collection of physical, psychological and behavioral symptoms experienced by people who believe they have been abducted by aliens.

11. Close Encounter – An encounter with a UFO or its occupants; there are three types of close encounters: first, second, and third kind.

12. Abduction Symbology – Symbolic language used during abduction events to communicate information to the abductee either consciously through hypnotic regression or subconsciously in dreams or other forms of visions.

13. Post-Abduction Syndrome – Emotional trauma experienced after an abduction event due to fear, confusion and disorientation caused by missing time or memory loss related to the experience.

14. Alien Artifacts – Physical evidence such as photographs, audio recordings and other types of materials left behind after abductions that may not be explainable by any known scientific means.

15. Abduction Hotspots – Locations around the world noted for having a higher frequency of alien abduction events than elsewhere. Such places are often associated with UFOs or mysterious lights in the sky.

16. Ectoplasm – An unidentified, highly viscous substance sometimes seen coming from the nose and mouth of alleged abductees during an abduction event; also known as “alien mucus” or “space goo”.

17. Probe – Mechanical probes or needles used by aliens during abductions to extract biological material or to implant tracking devices in humans.

18. Recurrent Abductions – Multiple abduction experiences that occur over an extended period of time, often with the same alien beings present each time.

19. Stages of Abduction – A sequence of events experienced by many abductees which includes the initial contact, examination and removal from one’s home, transport aboard a craft, observation and experimentation, and finally return and post-abduction trauma.

20. White Room – An environment sometimes seen by abductees during the course of an abduction event; described as a sterile, white-walled room with no visible exits.

21. Alien Writing – Unidentified symbols and glyphs found written on objects or walls during abduction events; often believed to be a form of alien communication.

22. Abduction Narrative – A detailed account of an abduction event, typically given by the abductee after being hypnotically regressed following a traumatic experience.

23. Hyperspace Travel – Alleged travel from one point in the universe to another without crossing through intervening space, as sometimes reported in UFOlogy literature as a means for aliens to traverse vast distances quickly.

24. Alien Harvesting – The practice of harvesting biological materials like bodily fluids and organs from humans allegedly conducted by extraterrestrials during abduction events.

25. Alien Technology – Unidentified mechanical or electronic devices seen by abductees during abduction experiences and considered to be of extraterrestrial origin.

26. Telepathy – The transmission of thoughts, feelings, images and other mental content from one mind to another without the use of any known physical means; often claimed by abductees as a form of communication between them and their captors during an abduction event.

27. After-Effects – Physical or psychological difficulties experienced by some abductees following an abduction experience due to the trauma endured during the ordeal, including nightmares, depression and anxiety disorders.

28. Abduction Screen Memories – False memories implanted in the minds of abductees in order to hide the alien abduction experience from conscious recall.

29. Encounters of the Fourth Kind – A classification of alien encounters which include abductions, communication with extraterrestrials and physical evidence such as a UFO craft or alien artifacts; coined by researcher Budd Hopkins to distinguish between UFO sightings and actual interactions with aliens.

30. Alien Contacts – An alleged form of communication conducted by a human and an extraterrestrial being either through telepathy, dreams or visions. Often involves information exchange related to the purpose of the abduction event.

BONUS: 31. Abduction Implant – A mysterious device found in some abductees that is considered to be of extraterrestrial origin; used for tracking, monitoring, controlling and communicating with humans.

32. False Flag Abductions – A form of abduction event where the abductee is made to think they have been taken by extraterrestrials when in fact they are abducted by human agents using advanced technology intended to simulate an alien abduction.

33. Alien Symbols – Mysterious symbols sometimes seen during abduction events which are believed to be a form of extraterrestrial writing or communication.

34. Abduction Syndrome – A psychological disorder sometimes experienced by abductees characterized by recurring nightmares, depression, anxiety and other signs of trauma following an abduction experience; also known as “UFO Syndrome” or “Post-Abduction Syndrome”.

35. Star Seeds –Abductees who have unusual physical or psychological traits that suggest they are part human and part alien; sometimes identified by alleged extraterrestrial contacts during abduction experiences.

36. Abduction Insurance – An insurance policy designed to provide financial support to abductees suffering from post-abduction trauma and other after-effects of an abduction event.

37. Alien Races – Different species of aliens encountered during abduction events, each with their own distinct characteristics, motivations and behaviors. These races are often divided into two main groups: the Grays and the Reptilians.

38. Memory Wiping – Alleged technique used by extraterrestrials to erase memories of a traumatic abduction experience in order to prevent the abductee from remembering what happened during the event.

39. Alien Glossolalia – A phenomenon experienced by some abductees in which they are able to speak languages unfamiliar to them, believed by some researchers to be a form of extraterrestrial communication.

40. Abduction Experiencers – People who have had an abduction experience; also known as “abductees” or “contactees”. These individuals often report similar symptoms such as nightmares, anxiety and depression following their ordeal.

41. ET-Human Hybrids – Alleged offspring created through genetic manipulation between human beings and extraterrestrials; these hybrids may possess noticeable physical differences compared to normal humans, including altered facial features, skin color and other unique characteristics.

42. Abduction Experiences – A term used to describe the phenomenon of extraterrestrial abduction, which usually involves an individual being taken against their will and subjected to various tests and experiments before being released unharmed; also known as “UFO abductions” or “alien abductions”.

43. Alien Technology – Advanced technology that is believed by some researchers to be of extraterrestrial origin; this technology may include faster-than-light propulsion systems, advanced healing techniques or mind control devices.

44. Missing Time – Periods of time in which the abductee experiences a memory lapse; often attributed to either a traumatic abduction event or alien interference with memories related to the incident.

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