UFOs in China: The Angel Hair Incident (4000 Witnesses)

In April 2012, four thousand Chinese villagers were awakened by a huge hovering craft just 50 meters from their rooftops. Many witnesses watched it vanish into the night sky and observed a kind of floss or cotton-like substance it emitted.

Those who witnessed the strange craft may have seen something more mysterious than they could have ever imagined – for what seemed to be angel hair was falling from the sky.

What is Angel Hair?

Angel hair is a strange white substance sometimes found after UFO sightings. It has been described as cobweb-like or resembling fine hairs, yet typically disintegrating or evaporating over time. One of the most notable angel hair incidents occurred in Fátima, Portugal on 13 September 1917, when thousands of people reported seeing a UFO emitting this strange white material that descended from the sky.

The Connection Between UFOs and Angel Hair

The connection between UFOs and angel hair is still unknown but theories exist. Some suggest that this mysterious white fluff could be an extraterrestrial form of communication – much like how bees communicate through pheromones – while others think that it may be some kind of protective force field surrounding the spacecrafts themselves.

Other possibilities include that angel hair is some sort of propulsion material used to propel UFOs through space at faster speeds than those achievable with conventional propulsion methods or even a form of ‘space dust’ left behind by aliens as they explore our planet.


Whatever this mysterious substance is, its presence around UFO sightings has been documented for centuries and continues to fascinate scientists and paranormal enthusiasts alike. Whether you believe in extraterrestrial life or not, one thing remains certain – many people around the world have experienced similar sights and sounds associated with alleged UFO activity and continue to search for answers about this strange phenomenon.

We may never know what exactly happened during the 2012 Chinese UFO sighting, but it definitely left behind some food for thought!


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