Alien Handshake After Roswell: A Glimpse Into the Unknown

It is said that seeing is believing. Well, if that’s true, then we have been presented with undeniable proof that aliens exist and have been in contact with our government for some time. In this picture, an official of our government is seen shaking hands with what appears to be an extraterrestrial being.

The alien seems unfamiliar with the action as if it had never encountered such a gesture before.

This picture has caused shockwaves throughout the world and many are questioning what it could mean. Are we in danger? Is this friendly or hostile? Were there any witnesses to this event? Who was responsible for allowing it to happen?

The truth is, we may never know the answers to these questions—unless of course, you believe in conspiracy theories about secret government organizations and worldwide cover-ups. Some say that this photo was taken at one of their clandestine meetings and that they are using advanced technology to keep their secrets hidden from the public eye.

Others suggest that this image simply shows us how far we have come in terms of inter-species diplomacy and cooperation. Maybe by shaking hands with an alien, our government is opening up a new form of communication between us and them—a form of communication without words but rather physical gestures, which all humans can understand regardless of language barriers.


Regardless of what anyone believes about this photo, one thing is clear—it has opened up a new realm of possibilities for mankind as we venture into space exploration and beyond. If nothing else, perhaps it will help us all realize that no matter how different someone or something may seem at first glance, deep down we all share a common bond—the bond of humanity.

So take a moment to look at this image; maybe it will give you food for thought about our place in the universe and how much further we can go when we work together towards mutual understanding and respect.

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  • You got to be kidding me? You clearly see that is some sort of bad special effect right? I bet all my money that if you watch through all the bad alien movies from the 50-70s youll find that scene

  • Thats wt im talkin bout dn’t hurt the aliens learn from them let communicate with them a lil bit but not to much

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