The Collectives of the Altair Stellar System: Altairians

Have you ever heard tales of strange beings from beyond the stars? Rumors of alien races that exist in our universe, just a few light years away? Well, if you’ve heard whispers of mysterious creatures known as Reptilians, Nordics, Greys, and Terrans living together in harmony on a distant planet in the Aquila constellation, then you’re not alone.

They are known collectively as “The Corporate” and they have ties with two other alien collectives – Ashtar and Draconian. Let’s explore what we know about these strange intergalactic travelers and their home world.

The Altair Stellar System

The Altair stellar system is located approximately 16.3 light years from Earth in the Aquila constellation. It has four planets – one inhabited by Reptilians and three by humans – as well as several moons. According to an ancient Greek myth, Aquila was the eagle that served Zeus and carried his thunderbolts – so it makes sense that this stellar system would be home to some powerful creatures!

Reptilian Inhabitants

It is believed that the Reptilians inhabit the main planet in the system which is called AGLA-R (or AGLA-U) and is populated by large reptile-like creatures who resemble dragons or dinosaurs. The Reptilians are said to be incredibly intelligent and technologically advanced; they are also thought to possess psychic abilities due to their close proximity to energy fields emanating from nearby stars. They have been described as having humanoid features such as arms, legs, eyes and mouths but with scaly skin similar to reptiles. Some accounts suggest that they may even be able to shapeshift into human form!

Other Inhabitants

In addition to the Reptilian inhabitants of AGLA-R, there are also smaller Nordic human elements living on three other planets within the same stellar system known as ALTAIR-1 (or ALTAIR-2), ALTAIR-3 (or ALTAIR-4) and ALTAIR-5 (or ALTAIR-6). There is also believed to be a collaborative Grey and Terran military presence present in this area of space due to its strategic location near several pathways used for interstellar travel.

All of these species work together within The Corporate collective with each member contributing their unique skillsets for the betterment of all involved parties.


Although we can only speculate about what truly lies beyond our own star system, it is fascinating to consider what might exist out there among all those galaxies far away! The stories surrounding “The Corporate” collective in the Altair stellar system give us something new to ponder when looking up at night sky full of stars—or when daydreaming during our next Zoom call! Whether or not these tales prove true remains unknown — but one thing is certain– there’s always something exciting waiting just outside our grasp!

Who knows what secrets may be revealed one day? After all, stranger things have happened… right?

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