The Korendian Aliens

The mysterious “Korendian Aliens” have been a source of intrigue and speculation for decades. According to accounts published by UFO contactee Gabriel Green in the 1950s and 60s, these aliens are supposedly human-like beings with proportionate bodies that average 4-5 feet in height.

They allegedly live on an extraterrestrial planet called “Korender,” and some individuals claim they have had contact with them. But is there any truth to these stories? Let’s take a closer look at the evidence surrounding the Korendians.

The early claims about the Korendians were made by Gabriel Green, who wrote several books about his alleged encounters with extraterrestrials. In one of his books, he even claimed to have visited Korender himself, where he met with the aliens and learned about their culture and technology.

While these stories remain unverified, many people do believe that there is something to them—if not necessarily the details of Green’s accounts—due to other evidence that has surfaced over time.

One of those sources is Robert Renaud, a prominent ufologist who claims to have had contact with several different alien species—including the Korendians—over the years. According to Renaud, he has met with representatives from this alien race at various places around Massachusetts, including a large underground facility somewhere in the state.

He also says that they come from an advanced civilization based on cooperation and non-interference in other cultures (unlike some other alien races).

Renaud further claims that the Korendians are allied with another alien race known as the Arcturians and are part of a collective Alliance comprised of numerous worlds across multiple galaxies. While it is impossible to verify these claims without more evidence or an actual physical encounter with one of these aliens, they certainly make for interesting reading material!


Whether you believe in aliens or not, it’s hard to deny that there is something intriguing about reports of contact between humans and unknown creatures from outer space. The story of the Korendian Aliens offers yet another example of just how strange this phenomenon can get! While their reality remains uncertain for now, it will be interesting to see if any more evidence surfaces in support or against their existence in future years.

Until then, we can only speculate…and perhaps keep our eyes open for signs of extraterrestrial activity here on Earth!

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