The Mysterious Moon-Eyes Race: Fact or Fiction?

On the internet, you can find stories of strange races of humans living on the moon. These creatures are usually described as being seven to eight feet tall, with pale blue skin and large wrap-around eyes that are extremely sensitive to light. They have been referred to as Moon-Eyes, and some have speculated that they may be the same beings encountered by astronauts on their mission to the moon in 1969.

Are these stories real or just a myth? Let’s take a closer look at this mysterious race.

The Origin of the Moon-Eyes Legend

The legend of the Moon-Eyes race can be traced back to John Lear, an American pilot who has been described as “the father of conspiracy theories”. In his writings, Lear claimed that during one of the Apollo missions in 1969, two astronauts encountered a group of seven humanoids who were around seven feet tall and had pale blue skin and large eyes that were sensitive to light. He also claimed that these beings were allied to aliens known as Nordics and Blondes.

Other Accounts of Moon-Eyes

Since Lear’s account was made public, numerous other people have come forward with similar stories about encounters with mysterious humanoids on the moon. For example, some people claim that they saw humanoid creatures while watching live footage from Apollo 11’s landing on the moon in 1969. Others claim to have seen strange creatures while observing telescope images taken from Earth’s orbit.
Though there is no solid evidence to prove these claims, many believe them to be true due to their similarities with Lear’s story and other accounts given by credible sources over the years.

Is it Possible?

It is impossible to know for sure whether or not these stories are true without hard evidence such as photos or video footage. However, some experts theorize that it is possible for humans (or humanoid creatures) could exist on the moon due its atmosphere and gravity levels which are similar enough to those found here on Earth. In addition, if aliens do exist then it is possible for them too inhabit our natural satellite since they would likely possess advanced technology which would allow them to survive in extreme conditions such as those found on the moon’s surface.


Are Moon-Eyes real? It’s impossible to say for certain without hard evidence – but if aliens do exist then it’s possible for them or humans like us could inhabit our natural satellite! Whatever you believe about this mysterious race—whether it be fact or fiction—it definitely makes for an interesting story! For those interested in learning more about this subject, there are plenty of books available online where you can read more about Moon-Eyes theories and accounts from people who claim they’ve encountered them before!

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