The Orange – Are They Real?

Have you ever heard of the Orange? People claim to have seen them in Southern Nevada, Northern New Mexico, and possibly Utah. They have yellow-orange hair, a humanoid form, and some say they have reptilian genetic features as well.

But are they real or just urban legend? Let’s take a closer look at this mysterious race of aliens.

The Name “Orange”

The name “Orange” is said to come from the fact that these alien creatures often have orange or yellow hair. Some people believe that the name is also related to Bernard’s Star, an orange star located in the constellation Cygnus. It is unclear whether there is any connection between these two facts.

Types of Oranges

People report seeing three different types of Oranges. The first type is said to be a human race with yellow-orange hair. The second type reportedly has both humanoid and reptilian features, while the third allegedly looks like a reptilian but has no soul matrix. It is difficult to know which type—if any—are real since actual sightings of them are so rare.

Are They Dangerous?

There have been few reports of people encountering the Orange, and most accounts describe them as peaceful creatures who do not wish to cause harm. However, there are some reports that suggest they may be dangerous if provoked or threatened in some way. The truth remains unknown until we can actually encounter one of these enigmatic alien races ourselves.


The Orange remain shrouded in mystery as it seems unlikely that we will encounter one anytime soon – if ever! There are many theories about what they are and where they come from, but without actual contact with them it can be hard to make any definitive conclusions about this mysterious alien race. Until then, all we can do is speculate and hope for more evidence that will help us unlock their secrets once and for all!

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