Exploring the Mythology of The Serpent Aliens

The myth of serpent aliens has been around for centuries and is found in many cultures around the world. In recent times, reports of giant snakes have been encountered in various underground regions, often being used as sentries by Draconians to protect subterranean tunnels or treasure repositories.

But what are these mysterious creatures and why do they exist? Let’s explore the mythology of serpent aliens to find out.

The Origin of Serpent Aliens

The myth of serpent aliens is believed to have originated in Mesopotamian mythology where stories tell of a race of giant serpents known as the Anunnaki. These creatures were said to be powerful gods who controlled all aspects of life on Earth, from weather patterns to natural disasters. This belief spread throughout the ancient world and was eventually embraced by many cultures who developed their own tales and legends about these creatures.

In modern times, reports of giant snake-like creatures have been reported in various underground regions across the globe. They are often described as having long, snake-like bodies with large heads and sharp teeth that can easily crush a human being or other objects with their jaws or bodies. Some believe that these serpents are actually aliens sent by an advanced race from another planet, while others view them as manifestations created by powerful forces that control our world. No matter how these creatures came into existence, one thing is certain; they continue to fascinate us today.

The Significance Of Serpent Aliens

Regardless of their origin, it’s clear that serpent aliens have some significance in our collective subconsciousness. They are often seen as symbols of power and protection, representing forces beyond what we can comprehend or understand. As such, they are sometimes used as guardians or protectors in religious ceremonies or rituals to ward off danger and evil spirits.

They also represent chaos and destruction, which may explain why they were used by the Draconians to guard tunnels and treasures – a testament to their immense power over nature itself!


From centuries-old legends to modern-day sightings, serpent aliens remain shrouded in mysteries that capture our imaginations even today. Whether you believe they are extraterrestrials from another planet or manifestations created by powerful forces beyond our understanding, one thing is certain; these creatures still evoke feelings of awe and fear when encountered in underground regions across the globe.

As mankind continues its exploration into strange new places both on Earth and off-world, it will be interesting to see if any more evidence surfaces about this mysterious species; until then we can only speculate!

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